Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Edition - Fruity Refreshment

Summer holiday edition today folks. I am currently surrounded by mango tree's in backyards and people that say 'heap's good' in their sentences like its normal spending my summer holidays with an old pal in the Sunshine coast of Aus. I've been buzzing about in my body seeing tree's with avocado's and paddocks with giant watermelons wallowing on the surface. Witnessing natures finest and sweetest joys so cheap and only a few steps away is making me pretty excited.

So today I have been steadily evaporating so felt the need to combine rehydration with fun. Newly known as "Fundration". When thinking of what to fundrate with I remembered sitting in the fridge was a giant Watermelon the size of 3 of my heads, 2 when my hairs boof in the morning. Along with the watermelon there were some juicy yellow peaches nestling on the bench. Add some fresh passion fruit and whiz together with ice in a blender . . . and there you have it.

Peach, Passionfruit and Watermelon Fundrator

Serves 1

1 C - of 2 or more fresh fruits (atleast one super juicy type, or you canjust add some other juice)
1/2 C - Ice

Blend together till smooth.

This can be substituted with whatever you have and where ever you are located. Pal's in south island NZ try raspberries, stone fruits, melons or orange with a dash of mint.

Where ever you've been this christmas I hope you had a fun time with close friends or family and truley stretched your tummie's. Thanks always for reading and stay safe. Will be updating with more on my return on the 8th. I'm sure the tomata's will be ready for a reveal by then if the flatties have remembered the watering.

Thanks always
Keep enjoying the Creator's sweet fruity treat's

Al xx

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