Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holy Feast

Christmas day is always changing. People, places, families, traditions and the food are constantly evolving. I was excited to be on the contributing end this year and realized the reality that I'm getting older. It's an exciting and daunting task to grow old, but I suppose it's compulsory really. So along with the cooking comes food shopping. It felt strange walking down the isle's of the outragelously busy and pricey fruit and vege shop when I had been working so hard on the vege in my own backyard. It seems its all about timing and learning as I go. Hopefully this christmas to come I will be able to get the timing right so there are plenty of homegrown treaties ready in time, in an attempt to cheat the annual christmas bankruptcy.

On the table -

Minty New Potato's
Rocket, Feta & Grilled Apricot Salad
Mediterranean Tomato & Basil Salad
Hearty Homemade Rye
Mum's Herb Crusted Lamb with Red Wine Jus
and a Free Ranger Leg of Ham
All of this digestion was aided with a refreshing elderflower sparkle


After the mandatory digestive nap we delved deeper into our gluttony with Margs mean dessert. Lemon tart, almond and mascarpone trifle, raspberry and dark chocolate tart, fresh raspberries.
I hope you all have a few extra rolls surrounding that belly, but thank the Lord for the beautiful summer sunshine that gets us outside to balance it all out.

Love Al x

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