Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Addington Vege Co-op

This morning I found myself in a noisy hall filled with cackling old ladies and barefooted activist men, many wearing hi-vis. I thought to myself how cool it is when 2 spectrums of community collide. This unusual combo of people are here every wednesday morning to help get affordable and seasonal fruit and vege to the local neighbourhoods.

For $10 you get a bag of vege and bag of fruit. Banana's, oranges, apples, rockmelon, pomegranate, kiwifruit, zuchinni, tomatoes, sweet corn the list goes on. It is just whatever is available that week. The idea is that you get all the lower grade supermarket produce and deliver it all to this one hall where volunteers from different areas, separate and bag it all up and take it to their local drop off spot. Then you (the buyer) find your nearest dropoff spot and pick up your fruit and vege bags from there.

It's simple, even if I may have just made it sound complicated.  So if you live around the west/south ish side of Christchurch and want some cheap as delish produce then find your local spot and contact them  http://www.addingtonaction.org.nz/p/fruit-veggie-co-op.html

I left feeling pretty excited about what is being done around the city and chuffed to see how dedicated some people are to see the health and wellness of others around us improve.

So get amongst it. You can order more than 1 bag if your feeding a big household and the quality of the produce is good as.


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