Thursday, October 4, 2012

Springs in Swing

Springs in full swing people ! the eggs are layin' and the seeds are sproutin' almost as fast as a greek adolescents chest. It seems the sporatic 20 degree spring days have taken their effect on the seeds. The lettuces are ready for planting and the rest of the seedlings are looking pretty darn dandy. It is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while, watching a plant take form from what was a tiny seed a weeks ago. A simple yet mindblowing appreciation has occured in my brain.

Not only are the seedlings looking spunky but our friendly neighbour Don, nicknamed 'tamata' gave us 15 tomato plants. These beaut's were planted in the glass house today now that the risk of any hard frosts are gone. His gardening expertise, loyal kiwi accent and willingness to help us out is awesome. After our cup of Tea he showed us round his vege turf. His perfect edges and straighly sown lines were something. but his lemon tree was something else. My casual hints of a few lemons being tossed our way for Si's mexican night seemed to go amiss with him. With only Don and Marcy to pluck off the tree there'd surely enough citric acid on those branches to break through Gringotts vault. Never have I seen such a babin' lemon tree. Despite the absence of lemons in our kitchen Don kindly gave us a bunch of his rainbow beet. Looks like silverbeet coloured in with highlighters. mega cool.
Not sure what recipe these will feature in but I will be sure to keep you updated.

Sorry for my recent absence, but the springtime flu has caught me so feeding the chickens has been my most exciting contact with the backyard world, but hold tight because there will be more recipes to come.

glorious 'tamata's' looking junglesk

The boys chicken fence construction. latch and all.

don in his element

Rainbow beet's

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