Tuesday, September 18, 2012

spring preparation

It is said that this is busiest time of the year for a gardener. At this time, greenies, and garden enthusiasts everywhere are busy turning over soil, planting seeds on their windowsills and clearing out the last years crops debris. Being a novice, I didn't want to start my seasons planting debut on a backfoot. Since spring has arrived, We have been fulfilling our daily quota of garden activities. Seeds have been planted, our overgrown vegepatch has been de-weeded and turned in a team effort and the glasshouse cleaned. Now comes the waiting and watering game.

Our vege patch will 'hopefully' produce tomato's, capsicum, beans, courgette, basil, coriander, rocket, mesculin and iceburg lettuces, broccoli and pumpkins.I can only dream of the mean summer salads sprouting out of the dirt.



I have really enjoyed what comes alongside the gardening, working and laughing together, cups of tea out in the sun, dirt under the fingernails and entertaining chats with neighbours over the fence.

Gar. Gardening Inspiration.

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